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Why we differ

As a video production company, our job is not only to shoot footage and make a movie.

It is so much more.
It is telling the story that you want to tell.
And getting the results that you are looking for.

share your ideas with me, i’ll get in touch!

1. Listen

In a personal meeting, you explain your ideas, your needs and your requirements to us. What is the goal of the video? What is the deadline and budget? Where and how do you want to show the video? To whom?

2. Propose

We will propose a creative concept for the video campaign that takes all these requirements into account.

We will make a planning to reach the proposed deadlines. We will determine the technical requirements regarding additional equipment or people. And we will talk to you about any possible difficulties that we might encounter during the project or if something is not feasible at all.

This entire proposal will have an affordable and transparent pricing. The goal of the video production is to deliver the results you want in the most cost-efficient and qualitative way.

3. Produce

Filming, editing and publishing of the video is done with the most sophisticated technology and highest professionalism. With more then 15 years of experience in video production, we know exactly what you need and how to deliver it.

During the entire production process of the video, you will receive constant follow-up. With only one point of contact, you can rest assured that your ideas are not lost in communication.

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