Terms of Service

1. All deliveries and services , whether agreed verbally or in writing,
shall be subject to the terms and conditions below.

2 . Unless expressly agreed otherwise all our invoices are payable by the due date at the latest.

3 . If the amount owing is not settled by the due date delay interest of 3% per month will apply
as of the invoice date , ipso jure and without need for notification by registered letter.

Furthermore , in the event of non-payment by the due date the invoice sum will be increased
by 10%, with a minimum of 75€ , by way of fixed contractual damages . Should anyone invoice
remain unpaid on the due date all other invoices , including those not yet due, will be
demandable immediately ipso jure .

4. If all or part of the invoice remains unpaid by the due date all other terms extended will
expire and ‘ Studio Fx’ will be entitled to suspend all further deliveries until the amount
owing , including interest and fixed contractual damages , is paid in full.

5 . The prices quoted for the shooting of film are based on the time the cameramen are required
to be present to shoot the film , being the time from the scheduled commencement of the event
to be filmed until its end , all breaks included.

6 . Gate or parking fees will be cha r ged under normal travel expenses.

7 . In the event of an early cancellation cause attributable to the customer, incurred will be charged.
of a commission or order by the customer, or , due to all work carried out up to that point and all costs

8 . The supplier edits and processes the recorded picture material in line with its own
judgement, account taken of the wishes of the customer . However- , the product remains
subjective in nature and the customer may never state that the end product is not completely
to his satisfaction as a reason for refusing to pay the invoice.

9 . On pain of expiry all complaints in respect of the work supplied must be communicated to
‘ Studio Fx’ within eight calendar days of the invoice date . On expiry of this period of
eight calendar days invoices are deemed accepted without reservation .

10. In the event of a cancellation of an order or breach of contract the customer will pay
fixed and irreducible compensation of 25% of the value of the order or contract .

11 . If a commission cannot be carried out or completed for technical reasons, such as power

failure, damage to video tapes , poor weather conditions, equipment failure, etc . .. or as a

result of traffic problems (road accident , traffic tailbacks, diversions , … ) , the customer

shall not be entitled to compensation .

12 . The likely duration of a commission and its likely delivery date are purely indicative and
cannot be construed as binding . Delays will not entitle the customer to cancel or change the
order , nor will they give entitlement to a claim for compensation .

13. The value added tax (VAT) regulations will be applied in accordance with the customer’s
specifications and under the customer ‘ s full responsibility .

14 . The customer takes full responsibility for meeting its obligations in respect of SABAM .

15 . All ‘ Studio Fx’ productions are subject to copyright . It is forbidden and it is a criminal
offence to reproduce productions , in part or in full . Studio Fx will prosecute all failures
to abide by this regulation , however small the value at stake .

16 . Customers who order reproductions in full , or in part, or reprocessed through editing, are
assumed to have the necessary entitlements .

17. Studio Fx will treat and store with the greatest of care all picture material
(e.g.videotapes) or sound material (e . g . CD, DVD, … ) given in loan by the customer for the
purpose of carrying out a commission . However , should these be lost or damaged as a result
of technical Circumstances, or, entirely outside of the control of ‘Studio Fx’, the customer
shall not be entitled to claim compensation .

18. Every film production will start and end with images of the ‘Studio Fx’ logo .

19. Deliveries will not be accepted on return .

20 . Unless agreed otherwise, ‘ Studio Fx ‘ will not store recordings for more than 15 days after
delivery of the end product . All original recordings made remain the property of ‘ Studio Fx’.
If the customer wishes basic recordings to be stored for a longer period this must be
agreed in writing and a custody fee will be added to the purchase price of the medium on
which the basic recordings are stored .

21. The courts for the legal district in which ‘ Studio Fx ‘
is headquartered shall have sole jurisdiction in all disputes .

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