The most time-consuming part of a video production is the editing process. Why? Because we want to create a composition of sound and image that conveys the right message and feeling.

Almost everything can be edited inhouse at Studio FX with our advanced editing software, saving you time and money.

Advanced editing software


  • Our advanced Final Cut Pro X video editing software allows us to do just about anything we want with the raw footage and sound, such as restore audio, compound video clips and show multi-camera footage.
  • With the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software we can edit existing images, insert your logo and even design new images.
  • When shooting footage at different locations inside and outside, the colours change. This results in a different look and feel for each video clip. To align the colours of the footage, we work with Davinci Resolve colour grading software.
  • Do you want to add 3D animations to your video? No problem. Our Cinema 4D software program allows us to create any animation you can think of.


  • We have access to a copyright-free audio databank with music, voice snippets and other everyday sound samples.
  • Do you want the voice-over to be done by a professional? We cast the voice actor with the right sound and mother tongue for your video.
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