We visualise your ideas with a professional video production. One that conveys the message you want to deliver to your audience. One that tells your story. To reach these results, we follow a proven 4-step process:

We follow a proven 4-step process

1. What is your message?

In a personal meeting, we will talk about your ideas and the results you want to achieve. Who is your audience and which type of content will attract their attention? What do we need to film and where? What are the requirements?

We will talk to you about possible difficulties of the project, such as getting approval to film in a public area. And we will explain how our video production process works.

2. What do you need?

Do you want to showcase your company at a trade fair? Do you need a promotional video for your website? Or do you want to interview important stakeholders?

Each project has its own requirements regarding the type of filming equipment, sound recording and number of professionals on set:

  • Is it a small-sized video production? Then the one-man team of Studio FX might suffice. We have all the equipment inhouse to shoot the entire production.
  • Is it a larger video project that needs a filmcrew? Then we will source the necessary professionals to create the video campaign: an extra cameraman, director, audio technician, make-up artist, reporter, …

3. In which quality?

At StudioFX, we work with two levels of image quality: HD and 4K.

  • HD quality is more than enough for the current displays available. Even if the video is shown on a wall-to-wall whiteboard.
  • 4K will become the new standard in resolution, just as HD was 10 years ago. If you are planning to use the video for the next number of years, you might want to consider shooting in 4K.

4. How will we get the shots?

Studio FX has all the equipment inhouse for the most specialised video productions:

depending on the height or scale of the aerial view, we work with drones or helicopters.
a visual aid that helps you or the people you want to interview with their script.
we shoot the footage with a green backdrop. Afterwards the background can be edited to whichever image or video you like.
a stop-motion production where a photograph is taken every few seconds (or minutes or hours) to show an evolution. For example the construction of a building.
in this case, several cameras are used to record a multi-object event. For example when the reporter as well as the interviewee and the audience need to be filmed.
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