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Sharing – Publishing – Output – Delivery

After filming and editing is done, we render your video to the format you need. Depending on the way you want to share it with your audience, this can be in a digital format or a hardcopy disk. In certain cases, live streaming might be the best way to showcase your footage.

Showcase your video

Digital format

Via a document-sharing programme, we will send you the video in the right digital format, completely compatible with:

  • Any type of tablet or phone from Apple, Android or Windows.
  • Any type of browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera
  • Any type of social media channel: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook


In exceptional cases, we will provide you a DVD or Blu-ray. Studio FX can also provide your video in this format if requested.

Live streaming

Do you have a corporate event, a testimonial, an interview or an executive announcement that you want to broadcast live to your audience? Studio FX has the software in place to allow live streaming.

There are several ways to broadcast your live event (from least safe to safest):

  • Live Youtube: this option is free but the broadcasting is available to everyone on the internet.
  • Payservers: you can get a ‘broadcasting room’ at a payserver such as Goto meeting. The software is free in some occasions but is limited to a number of participants.
  • Webserver: organise your own streaming room within your company’s web environment. This is the safest solution, but you will need to get your IT backend team on board.
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